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The Danish Military Monument 

Frederiksted, St. Croix


"Til Minde Om Danske Mænd Døde I Fædrelandets Tieneste Reist Af Den Danske Stat MCMXX"

Translated the monument reads: "In Memory of the Danish men that died in service of their country erected by the state. 1920"

Grave Stone

"De Menige No. 39 Hansen og No 79 Andersen Af 1stc Compagnie + Denz Oct 1878 Paa Carlton Kammerater Satte Dette Minde."

Translated the grave stone reads: "The soldiers No. 39 Hansen and No. 79 Andersen of the 1st Company the 2 Oct 18 78 at Carlton Comrades place this memorial."

The date of the soldiers’ deaths coincides with the Fire Burn labor riot in Frederiksted from the first to the second of October, 1878. This would indicate that the soldiers Hansen and Andersen died in connection with the Fire Burn uprising at Estate Carlton.

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